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We work with anyone interested in investing, from millennials to retirees, and serve clients in Michigan and most other states (see our disclosure for a full list of states in which we are licensed.) 

 Besides anyone interested in investing, we specialize in working with:

  • Families who need a financial plan attain the lifestyle they're striving for. With an Estate Planner on staff, we work with families who have already built their wealth, and need an estate plan to complete their succession strategy.
  • Pre-Retirees who want to maximize their income during retirement. We've found that pre-retirees, especially small business owners and executives, don't have time to manage their own investments and want an expert to help them prepare for retirement.
  • Nice people who need financial plans. 

We work with individuals and families who want a financial advisor to help them achieve financial freedomFor example, most successful business owners are laser-focused on their business goals but neglect their own financial lives. As their financial expert, we aim to create retirement income to last into their golden years.

We create your financial roadmap to guide you through the toughest transitions in life, like preparing for a secure retirement, getting a divorce or saving for your children's college education.  We create long-term relationships with our clients because we know that the future feels better with a plan. Our goal is to accompany you as you transition through life, and be your financial expert whenever you need advice.

What We Do Differently

We put your interests first, and we have an excellent service team dedicated to helping you succeed in your financial goals. We have had clients leave, only to come back later because their new advisor was not giving them the same level of service.

There are plenty of financial professionals that can help you invest in the stock market. However, not all investment advisors have the capacity to assist in all areas of financial planning. At WealthMap Advisors, we believe that hard-working business owners, professionals and families deserve to focus on what they love. That's why we grew our practice to encompass financial planning and estate planning, because we want to help our clients in all aspects of their financial future. We create financial plans that aim to allow our clients to feel empowered with their wealth, and live their ideal life.