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Our Process

It starts with you

We get to know you before creating a financial plan. Once we understand what’s important to you, we create a strategy tailored to your specific goals and risk tolerance.  

Our Three Step Process

1) Consultation Meeting

Generally, our process begins with a 15-minute Q&A call with our Business Development Coordinator. We offer a no-cost introductory session to help answer your questions, learn more about your goals, and see how we may be able to help.

2) Analysis and Strategy

The next step is to meet with a financial advisor in our office, online, or wherever is most comfortable for you! In this meeting, we will go over your:

  • Investment Goals
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Time Horizon

3) Recommendation

In this meeting, we create a blueprint for your investments. Your advisor will recommend strategies based on your profile. The result is a long-term financial plan customized to support your lifestyle, investment, insurance and estate planning needs.

We hold a series of in-depth interviews to gain a complete understanding of your financial affairs and to find out what’s important to you. We understand that our client’s assets have a purpose, and they want to invest wisely.

Consultation Meeting 

This initial meeting, generally in the form of a 15-minute phone call, will help us understand your financial situation and purpose for seeking the help of an advisor.



In this meeting we ask questions related to your current financial situation, what you hope to achieve, and your attitudes towards risk and return. 

With a practical understanding of your financial picture, we can then perform a more in-depth evaluation of your current financial course, uncover the areas that need improvement, and begin the process of designing a plan to achieve your goals.



From our analysis and discussions, we will recommend solutions that are designed specifically to put you on the path to success.

Our office will help guide you through the process of implementing the strategies we have agreed upon. We have an excellent service team to help with any account updates or questions you may have. Whether it’s a quick phone call or in-person review, we’ll keep in touch with you to make sure your plan is on track.

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