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Family Wealth Planning

Most families spend a great deal of time accumulating wealth for their family,

but they spend very little time preparing their family to receive their wealth.

We help families protect their lifestyle and their legacy

Welcome to WealthMap Advisors, where families can find useful information, professional advice and resources for securing their wealth. Our goal is to provide financial security for you and your family through comprehensive financial and estate planning strategies. 

We have tailored our financial planning strategy to serve the needs of high-net-worth individuals and multi-generational families. Our personalized, goal-based investment solutions are perfect for analyzing complex financial scenarios that often include family businesses, investments, and large estates. 

The WealthMap advantage

It's no secret that most wealth deteriorates by the third generation. Working with our skilled team will help you secure your children's future.

Too often, family wealth is eroded due to a lack of trust, transparency and communication between current leaders and their heirs. There can be conflicts and differing opinions within families when it comes to dividing assets, future spending, and investments.

We have an on-staff estate planner and a team of advisors experienced in developing a plan that will preserve your wealth for generations. Working with you and qualified legal advisors, we will establish a plan that will seek to maximize your wealth transfer while working to minimizing additional taxes, fees, and complexity.

Engaging the Next Generation

Engaging the Next Generation

Focusing on financial education at an early age is a key part of setting up younger generations for success. That’s why we send out reminders based on our clients’ milestones in their life. Whether it’s buying a house, turning 18 or having a child, we send out financial to-do’s based on life events to keep everyone on track towards a secure future.

We keep you, and the next generation, on track through financial checklists, eBooks, client events and more. Engaging all of the family members helps us understand each individuals unique perspective, and align the objectives of the family as a whole.

Download Our Estate Strategies: Critical Elements of an Estate Plan Ebook!

Taking steps to help protect your estate is a financial imperative. Luckily, we're here to help. This ebook outlines the critical elements to consider as you explore your estate strategy.