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Financial Planning

We seek to help you create your financial roadmap. One of our advisors will meet with you for a series of in-depth personal interviews to discover your values. Our personalized approach to investing allows us to make informed recommendations about your financial situation.

Once we understand your risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals, we create a comprehensive financial plan to help you achieve your vision.

After the plan is created, we continue to monitor your plan and provide you with updates. We have an excellent customer service team dedicated to helping you in our long-term relationship of growing and preserving your wealth. 

Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning

At WealthMap Advisors, we specialize in delivering full-service financial plans for multi-generational wealth. We have a certified Estate Planner on staff to help protect the lifestyle you’ve built for your family.

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Retirement Strategies

No one wants to work forever. We help our clients develop and manage their retirement strategies. We offer a variety of retirement income plans to secure your financial future including IRAs, 401(k)s and more.

Life and Disability Insurance

The first step to securing your financial future is protecting what you have. Life and disability insurance protects your greatest asset: your income. We will recommend the best product to ensure your family’s future if something were to happen to you.

Long-Term Care

Long-term care refers to services needed by people who have a chronic health condition or disability related to aging. Whether it’s home-based or nursing home care, we can help pick the best option to protect against potential healthcare costs depleting your hard-earned savings.

Education Planning

We help families save for future education costs and are skilled in identifying the most effective and tax efficient ways to save for the future.

Investment & Asset Management

Our approach to financial planning focuses on long-term investment and asset management strategies including guaranteed income strategies, mutual funds, stocks, bonds and more. We'll help you navigate investment options and come up with a strategy best-suited for your goals.

What We Do Differently

There are plenty of financial professionals that can help you invest in the stock market. However, not all investment advisors have a team of specialists with the capacity to assist in all areas of financial planning.

We have a dedicated retirement specialist and estate planner on staff because most of our clients are retirees that want us to help extend their savings to retirement and beyond. Besides anyone interested in investing, we specialize in working with:

  • People that need help with their retirement plan. (See more on why we are dedicated to retirement planning.)
  • Families who need a financial plan attain the lifestyle they're striving for. (See more on why we are dedicated to family wealth planning.)
  • Nice people who need financial plans. 

We put your interests first, and we have an excellent service team dedicated to helping you succeed in your financial goals. We have had clients leave, only to come back later because their new advisor was not giving them the same level of service.

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