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Retirement Planning

The Importance of Having a Plan

Are you wondering if you have enough money saved up to retire? Or are you in retirement and concerned that your savings won't last?


Most of our clients are retirees that look to us for guidance to help extend their savings to retirement and beyond. Retirees and those nearing retirement typically work with us because of our experience in investment management and our dedication to trusted relationships. Our advisors can help you:

  • Minimize your taxable income in retirement.
  • Analyze your existing plan and make you aware of any shortfalls.
  • Make informed financial decisions regarding your investments.
  • Craft a personalized solution to secure your retirement income needs. 

Whether you don't know where to begin, or are already retired looking to make sure your savings last, we can help. At WealthMap Advisors, we create your financial roadmap so you can focus on your retirement dreams. 


While many invest into their employer's retirement plan, most lack a clear goal. Without a plan, you are left hoping that you have accumulated enough, and that can be like trying to shoot a target in the dark.

A comprehensive financial plan allows you to understand how much money you need to retire, identify any shortfalls, and give you time to adjust your savings strategies. 

The advice of a trusted professional can help you consider things you would likely overlook when trying to do it alone, like making sure you're allocated correctly or creating a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy for your retirement income. 

Let us guide you. Because planning for retirement is about more than taxes and investments, it's about envisioning the life you have always wanted to live.

Meet Brian, Our Retirement Strategies Specialist

Meet Brian, Our Retirement Strategies Specialist

Brian has over 30 years of experience in finance and builds retirement plans based on thoughtful client relationships. Click the button to read his full story on our blog, or watch the below video to see why Brian has dedicated his life to helping investors retire comfortably and with dignity. 

Take Control of Your Financial Future

Take the first step in preparing for retirement. If you're already retired, schedule a free 30-minute retirement review. We'll identify any portions of your plan that need to be improved and give you personalized recommendations for your unique situation.