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Our branch is formerly known as Centaurus Financial. We changed our name to WealthMap Advisors in 2021. We are still associated with Centaurus, and in the Centaurus Financial corporate office, there are over 90 team members supporting our clients and financial advisors. Our team of dedicated employees is led by an experienced management team who promotes a high standard of service throughout our firm. We are an office branch conveniently located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. 

Our Name

We renamed our practice in 2021 to better represent what we do. At WealthMap Advisors, we do just as our name implies: we help our clients create a financial roadmap to achieve their life goals. A WealthMap is your personalized financial plan with clear, actionable steps to grow and protect your assets. Having your WealthMap, along with a service team dedicated to your success, can help you reach the financial freedom you are striving for.

Your personal financial roadmap is created based on your "why." Why do you want to build wealth? It could be the opportunity to retire early, financially support others, travel the world or simply take charge of the bright future you see for yourself.

No two people are the same; your goals and investment strategies should be as individual as you are. We listen and help you develop strong financial strategies to help you achieve your vision. See the presentation below on how we create your WealthMap!

Our Mission

Our Mission

We built our firm based on honesty and trust because we realize that what's best for our clients is what's best for our business in the long run. As registered investment advisors with over 30 years of experience, we value objectivity and have a fiduciary duty to your interests. Our mission is to be a resource for those seeking expert advice on investments, retirement and more. We help you make informed financial decisions, and feel confident about your wealth.

Our only goal is to help you achieve yours. We focus on the performance of your personal portfolio in the context of your vision and your financial goals. We build long-term personal relationships with our clients by living our values every day.

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