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Download The Retirement Checkup Questionnaire

Download The Retirement Checkup Questionnaire

Retirees can use this questionnaire as an informal guide to see if their retirement is on track. Considering you may spend 30 years or more in retirement, it’s important to check your plan periodically. Gauge how long your savings will last using our questionnaire.

This questionnaire contains: 

  • 7 questions designed to deeply analyze your current strategy.
  • A scoring system that will let you know how your savings stand.
  • A brief analysis of the components of a well-designed retirement plan.

Use this questionnaire if you want to:

  • Make yourself aware of any shortfalls in your plan.
  • Score your plan (from so-so, good to great) to see if you're on track.
  • Avoid going broke in retirement.

Why is this questionnaire different than other questionnaires? 

It's been written, designed and reviewed by real retirement professionals and financial professionals, each with over 10 years of experience.  Need more help? Get started with a financial professional today!