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Why I Became a Financial Advisor

June 04, 2021

For most of us, our thoughts on finance are instilled in us at a young age. Our views on money and saving come from watching our parents handle their finances. The apple does not fall far from the money tree. For me, it was difficult watching my parents struggle to make ends meet.


What Started it All?

My parents grew up poor, but their hearts were rich with a family-first attitude and a strong work ethic. My father drove a semi-truck up and down the interstate for over 40 years and my mother worked at the local bank. Even though we lived on the wrong side of the tracks, they refused to let our social status define us as a family. My three brothers and I had a great childhood because of their hard work.


We always had clothes on our backs, and the presents we wanted at Christmas would somehow be under the Christmas tree. As I got older though, I could see how hard my parents worked to provide for us. They were early risers because they needed to be. They worked overtime to take care of us, but they never made much money. 


It was difficult watching them, exhausted from work, spending what little time they had after working all day sitting at the kitchen table and stressing over bills. Being exposed to watching my parents worry over their finances left an impression on me. As I began to gain work and life experience, I kept thinking about my parents and coming back to this idea of how I could help my family and others achieve peace of mind.

Auburn Hills

My parents 


My Struggles With Finance

Once I left home, I joined the United States Army because I felt a sense of responsibility to serve my country. I wanted to pursue my goal of protecting the well-being of those around me. I was stationed in Germany from 1982 to 1983 and starting a family. I was young, in my twenties. I had my wife and newborn daughter with me. I only got paid once a month and, by the end of the month, we only had $15 for food. We ate a lot of cereal!


I eventually rose in the ranks to become a Captain. I genuinely believe that being in the Army helped shape me as a young man, financial planner, and most importantly, a father. It instilled a sense of determination that allowed me to take on whatever I wanted to do in life, like pursuing my career in finance, owning a sports marketing agency, and becoming a marathon runner. I faithfully served in the United States Army until honorable discharge in 1987. 


Me holding my three kids Jen, Chris, and Phil after Army training


What I Do Today

I applied my experience to my career aspirations, and I joined the WealthMap team in 2002. I have had a rewarding career ever since. The pain of surviving on a thin budget and watching my parents work hard, only to barely be able to retire, created an intense motivation to lead myself and my clients to financial freedom.


Today, I enjoy building long-lasting relationships with my clients. I see clients who, like my parents, struggle to achieve financial stability. I stand ready to help any client succeed as they prepare for retirement. Their peace of mind means everything to me, which drives me to do my best. I go to work every day excited and determined to carry out my mission of helping my clients make intelligent decisions with their money.


As I continued to build and grow my practice, I became committed to helping ANY investor, regardless of their net worth, retire comfortably and with dignity. My mission has been to help them save, plan, grow and withdraw their money responsibly. I chose a career in finance to help my clients plan for the long-term and achieve their goals.

Financial advisor

If you’d like more clarity on your finances, where you are in terms of retirement, or want to spend less time on financial planning and more time on your family, contact my office today. I would be glad to sit down with you and evaluate what you’re doing today and what’s possible for your future. Call me at (248) 648-8599 or email Or schedule a phone call using this link.

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